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Overseas Medics of Ireland
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To bring a change in our life, we have to unite and achieve our goals. We have to be professional and hard  working. We have to turn ourselves to be positive from hostility to love, from carelessness to discipline and from fear to faith.
Why do we need this platform? We have at least three common things , Overseas, medical professionals and resident in Ireland. We belong to a different cultural and social background. Our problems are different. So the solution should be dealt in a different ways.

That's why we  founded this organisation. This  is an organisation of  all the doctors working in Ireland.

Our Mission

  • To organise  social, cultural, academic and sports activities for the overseas medics working in Ireland.

  • To solve problems and help each other in their domestic and professional life.

  • To keep our culture alive by meeting on our cultural events and learn the Irish culture as well to bridge the gap between the two cultures.

  • To make an effort to understand the Irish culture and values so that a healthy atmosphere would be created for us to live and work.

About  Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country, it is very friendly to foreign doctors and students. You can come to this country to study as undergraduate or postgraduate. You need a valid visa to enter in this country. As a doctor you need to get registered with Irish Medical Council .To get registered with the medical council you must have passed TRAS exam Or Exempted from it by the Royal College of Surgeons or Physicians on the basis of higher diploma like FRCS or MRCP. Secondly you can register yourself for any masters ,diploma or certificate course and after receiving the acknowledgement from the respective institution you can apply for the visa .The visa process take 4-6 weeks and you need to apply for it in the respective consulate or embassy of your country.

Coming to Ireland you must keep this thing in mind that you are coming to the most expensive country in the European Union. There are two things which are most expensive in Ireland one is accommodation and the other is travelling. You can stay in the tourist hostels where a bed in the dormitory (12 bedded rooms) will cost you minimum of 16-20 Euros per night (in 2004). You can rent a room which will cost you at least 50-70 per week to as high as you can afford. Staying in Dublin is more expensive as compare to staying in the periphery of Ireland. Travelling can be done by either buses or trains. Train service is more expensive, but where ever you want to go it is well connected to both the buses and the trains.

Eating from the take away and the restaurant is more expensive as compare to cooking the food yourself at home. Buying groceries from the food chains is cheaper than buying from the local shop. You will get all the travelling information from the local tourist office. Ireland is a peaceful country always try to abide by the law, learn Irish culture and enjoy your life.   .   



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