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Overseas Medics of Ireland
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Overseas Medics of Ireland was founded in July of 2003 by the senior overseas doctors working in Ireland. OMI was created to highlight the problems and issues concerning overseas doctors and medics in their professional and non-professional life. Currently 40 to 50 percent of the junior doctors working in Ireland are from overseas.

The mission statement of OMI is to generate fulfilment and excitement, we must think like Christopher Columbus and go beyond the map. Imagine if we never tried new things and only did the things that we knew about. Life would be boring and production would remain stagnant. Change is nothing more than a constant improvement

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Latest News From OMI

Mr. Bejoy Philip, Chairman on OMI

Dr. Narayanan Subramanian – Vice Chairman

Dr. Aftab Khattak – Secretary

Dr. Pardeep Kumar Maheshwari - Organising secretary

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