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 Overseas doctors make the 40 to 45 % of all the non consultant hospital doctors in Republic of Ireland. Overseas doctors in Ireland  are the silent minority holding the Irish health system together for many years and yet to be recognised in this  discriminative Irish health system. Don't become the victim of this system, come out and fight for your rights.  You are educated and professional minority  don't be afraid to speak loud. You feel that you are  trapped because of a lack of accredited training on offer in Irish hospitals, You also feel that you are trapped because your temporary status follows you  wherever you go and makes you afraid to speak. You do training job and it is your right to have a training certificate. Your case is very strong so write your story in news paper let the country know about the discrimination by the professional bodies and medical council. Remember   you have to do it  for yourself. Don't wait and assume that some one else will do for you. If you have been discriminated on the ground of race and colour please report to our Overseas Group or email us, we are going to collect some stories before we take any action.

We have an Email discussion Group of hundreds of doctors working in Ireland. You can Join us and share your views with others. To join this group please send us an email at   or . This is your web site. If you want to write something you can send by email to us and we will display your article/letter on this web site.



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